Natural Herbs Boost Your Kidney Function

Natural Herbs Boost Your Kidney Function

Natural Herbs

Do you have terrible disease symptoms? If individuals symptoms include dizziness, unending back pains, blood in your urine, vomiting, nausea, or a metallic quality in your mouth area, see a doctor immediately. They might help you find out if you have a severe or a moderate kidney disease. Either way you can benefit a lot from natural remedies to increase kidney function. Did you know this fact? Many people who have sick kidneys or those who want to prevent future infections are shifting to natural herbs.

After getting a positive diagnosis, your doctor might want to put you on dialysis or kidney transplant options. This should not prevent you from exploring natural remedies to increase kidney function. Even if you are found to have a mild infection in the kidneys, you can trust herbal cures. They are gifts of nature and have no horrible side effects like prescription drugs do. Use of natural remedies to increase kidney function is therefore something you should attempt. The work of these holistic remedies is to eliminate the root cause of kidneys malfunctioning.

This root cause could be accumulation of heavy metals in your body, exposure to pesticides or other environmental wastes. Also, you could have a degenerative disease like diabetes. The important thing is to do everything possible to eliminate the root of the illness. While many herbs are not yet medically proven to treat a malfunctioning kidney, there are a few you want to try. One of them is couch grass. It is one of the best natural remedies to increase kidney function. This grass type has polysaccharides, agropyrene (volatile oil) and mucilage. It is a great cure for kidney stones, urethritis and cystitis. As well couch grass contains antibacterial and diuretic properties. Bearberry or Uva ursi is a wonderful ever-green shrub that actually grows in Europe.

It berries and leaves contain flavonoids, hydroquinones, phenolic glycosides and tannis. This is why they have been used for many centuries as herbal medicines to primarily disinfect the human kidneys. Uva-ursi therefore has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This is just among the natural remedies to increase kidney function. It cannot cure existing kidney disorders. Also it should not be used by an expectant woman. Some men and women with poorly functioning kidneys use green tea. It is called camellia sinensis as well. The cure is found in the unripe, unfermented green tea leaves. These leaves consist of polyphenols that inhibit kidney stones. Because green tea is among natural remedies to increase kidney function with, it will reduce your bad cholesterol levels. Hence this will reduce your chances of getting high blood pressure or diabetes.

Other natural remedies to increase kidney function are western herbs. Their work is to help detoxify your poor functioning kidneys. They can also boost production of uric acid because of their diuretic properties. Good examples of these useful herbs include dandelion, juniper berries, corn silk and red clover among others. These holistic cures should be used by those who have consulted their doctors. It is important to do the same thing if you are on prescription medication. A qualified doctor will tell you if combining various natural remedies to increase kidney function has negative effects. Do not just take herbs. They may take longer to improve your kidneys. Instead you should eat healthy and balanced foods particularly ripe banana, legumes, whole cereals, green vegetables.


Author: Szpak Cratch

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